Water Remediation

Water remediation technology has changed dramatically in recent years. Groundwater is impacted by variables such as the over application of fertilizer or pesticides, spills from industrial operations, infiltration from urban runoff, and leaking from landfills. Using contaminated ground water causes hazards to public health through poisoning or the spread of disease, and the practice of groundwater remediation has been developed to address these issues. Pollutants and contaminants can be removed from ground water by applying various techniques thereby making it safe for use. Today’s technological advances make it practical to use the remediation process.

We can hook you up with mobile and stationary units for desalination, active and abandoned mine drainage (AMD) and frac water treatment.

With growing cost-effectiveness, water remediation provides end-to-end water treatment for frac water, both for flowback and for produced waters of oil and gas drilling. This eliminates the need for hazardous sludge disposal costs and for deep well injection of brine. By deactivating radioactive elements, at least 70% of the water flows back to the driller as potable water

And it is all below the costs that O&G companies are paying now for frac water treatment.

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